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VERBA-TEXT Translation & Interpretation Firm provides professional translations of various themes and purposes in more than 200 languages, output and delivered in more than 20 formats. All documents undergo a TEV procedure (Translate / Edit / Verify) which guarantees the best quality translation.


Our interpreters are ready to assist small, medium, and large businesses during formal or informal meetings. All of our interpreters are experts known for their utmost discretion, superior language skills, and excellent pronunciation.

Certified translation

Certified translations are filed with courts, banks, and state institutions. All of our translators are state exam certified. Their experience and extraordinary knowledge qualifies them to translate texts utilized within various industries. Verba-Text fully ensures confidentiality of translated documents.

Conference service

International conferences and events require not only the proper venue and engaging speakers, but also highly qualified and experienced interpreters. VERBA-TEXT Translation & Interpretation Firm provides comprehensive support for conference interpreting service utilizing two interpreters, the necessary equipment and technical support.

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